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When Technology Becomes Magic

When Technology Becomes Magic: You Won’t Believe These Gadgets Exist

Whether you’re a technology geek or you’re just not into all that computer stuff, you can’t deny that most gadgets we’ve invented so far are pretty awesome. We can now talk through a watch, have a robot assistant, and even flying bots to take amazing videos from a bird’s perspective. And although gadgets like the…
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What Happens to Your Twitter When You Die

What Happens to Your Twitter When You Die?

As we’re all well aware, there aren’t many people out there who own a personal computer or a smartphone but don’t have a profile on at least one social networking websites. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, or any other site you can think of, almost all internet users have at some point…
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Must-Have Gadgets

Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets of 2017

When we’re kids, we play with toys. These small, usually simple things can provide you hours of fun at a time, especially if they can do something that goes beyond our wildest dreams – playing music or voice lines, displaying an array of lights, having some sort of action to them, balancing by themselves, and…
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Personal Budgeting Apps for Android

Manage Your Money like a Pro: Best Personal Budgeting Apps for Android

Not only do we live in an age where nearly any concept you can imagine has been created in the form of an Android or iOS app, but more importantly, there are many smartphone apps that can and will make your life much easier. You can plan your workouts, read books, watch movies, make conference…
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office alternatives

Best free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Whenever you need to write a text, create a slideshow, make a spreadsheet, or you need reliable e-mail software, the first thing that will come to mind is usually Microsoft Office. With a plethora of useful components and top-notch features, this application suite has been around for quite some time and has become the go-to…
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5 Good Reasons To Use An Ad Blocker

5 Good Reasons To Use An Ad Blocker

Since the internet became a thing back in the ‘90s, advertisements have found their place among many pages filled with information, services, and all kinds of content. If you’ve ever visited virtually any website (and you obviously have, otherwise you wouldn’t have been here), you’ve noticed that ads are becoming more and more aggressive and…
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