When Technology Becomes Magic: You Won’t Believe These Gadgets Exist

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When Technology Becomes Magic: You Won’t Believe These Gadgets Exist

When Technology Becomes Magic

Whether you’re a technology geek or you’re just not into all that computer stuff, you can’t deny that most gadgets we’ve invented so far are pretty awesome. We can now talk through a watch, have a robot assistant, and even flying bots to take amazing videos from a bird’s perspective.

And although gadgets like the ones you can see “Back to the Future” movie or “The Jetsons” cartoon series are yet to be invented, there are certainly some devices that go above and beyond what you might expect from today’s technology. Thanks to advancements in robotics, health-monitoring and many more technological fields, we can easily say that there are some gadgets out there that are simply out of this world. In that name, here are some devices that you won’t believe aren’t magic.

Food Pills

In some representations of the future, mankind is seen consuming food through either a microwaving process that instantly turns powder into edible foods or by swallowing pills. Even though we can’t say that this technology is wide spread, examples that this is a possible scenario exist nonetheless.

The company Soylent, founded by Robert Rhinehart, asks a very simple question: “What if you never had to worry about food again?” Now, this company is still far from creating an actual food pill per se, but it shows us that we can indeed have complete nutrition that comes in the form of a powder.

Soylent is currently best known for its nutrition shake. ‘Just add water’ is basically all you need to know about this product, as it’s what Rhinehart focused on while developing it. Once he realized how much time one wastes while preparing food, he came up with the idea of mixing together all important macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in powder form in order to save precious time he would spend in cooking, frying, cutting, shredding, and many more processes you normally conduct while preparing a meal.


Since we’ve already mentioned “Back to the Future,” it wouldn’t be right to skip over the fact that there is a prospect of the movie’s most awesome gadget existing in the near future – and that gadget is the hoverboard.

Michael J. Fox saw his career skyrocket after he starred in the famous movie as Marty McFly, but it wasn’t until the second installment of the franchise that we got to witness the sheer awesomeness that a hoverboard could be. All the aesthetics of a skateboard without having to worry about wheels!

Well, thanks to Hendo Hoverboards and their Kickstarter campaign, this concept is now as real as it could ever be. Greg Henderson, the founder of the company, patented the Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology and used it to create the very first working hoverboard. It can be used for fun and leisure, but there is also great potential in utilizing this amazing gadget in military purposes – just imagine how many lives could be saved if soldiers were to hover over a minefield instead of walking through it.

Air Touch Technology

Remember when you watched “Minority Report” and saw Tom Cruise swipe through thin air with his fingers in order to make the pictures on his holographic screen move? Remember how cool you thought that was? Well, this technology can now be found in real life as well as in the film, all thanks to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

The Taiwanese R&D organization created the first prototype for the i-Touch-in-Air device last year. It’s not as hands (or in this case, head) free as the technology we could see in the popular movie, but it is as real as the device you’re reading this on. It consists out of a head-mounted display that projects images onto the headset’s glasses, as well as a scanner that monitors and registers your hand movements.

This gadget is actually very complex when it comes to how it works, but it makes things much, much simpler for the user. Your hands are completely free from any physical device and there are as many uses for it as there are for a smartphone. It might be a while before we see these in the market, but they’re definitely not exclusively fictional anymore.

3D Printers

You’ve probably already about the existence of 3D printers, yet that doesn’t make them any less unique and amazing. What was once considered to only exist in our imaginations and in the famous “Star Trek” series is nowadays a gadget you too can own and use to your needs or preferences.

You may not be aware of this, but 3D printing has actually been around as early as the 1980s. It took some time to develop it properly and it was initially only used in heavy industry, but in 2017 nearly anyone can have their very own 3D printer – as long as they can afford it.

Companies like MakerBot dominate the market with their innovative 3D printers that are specifically designed for the regular consumers. Apart from that, this technology has already found its uses in rapid prototyping, medical applications, and in large companies like Nike, Koenigsegg, Airbus, and more.

Dog-Talk Translator

Finally, we’re getting to the final gadget that’s certainly going to blow your mind. Communicating with animals has been a dream mankind has been trying to make true since the dawn of time. Yet, it wasn’t until 2015 that we were introduced to the very first gadget that allows us to converse with our pets.

It was actually Voyce that created the health and wellness monitor for dogs. The device uses radio waves at a low frequency to take heart and breathing rate measurements and collect the data. Although this is a very significant development in tracking and maintaining your pooch’s health, the really amazing part comes from this devices brain wave-reading technology.

Voyce’s gadget features an EEG sensor that monitors your dog’s brain waves and tells you which mental state is the most prevalent one at any time. There are currently four different thought patterns this device can recognize, so it’s only natural to expect even greater breakthroughs in this field in the near future.

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